Widowmaker Bush Wash

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Why smell like a common loser when you can smell like the bush! (...nature that is) 

Proud to support our local small business partners; this Widowmaker custom soap is hand crafted specifically for Widowmaker Supply by Juliet & Co in London Ontario Canada.  Working with Juliet, the boys at Widowmaker Supply are proud to bring you the ultimate bar of soap.  (...and it looks cool as S#!T too!)

Question: why would I spend $8.99 on a bar of soap?

Answer: try it once and you will have your answer.  We promise!

This soap is all natural using only the finest ingredients including: olive fruit oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, pine needle essential oil, pumice, oxide and charcoal. (light grit exfoliating agent)

Soap is for external use only (I can't believe we have to say that) and you should avoid contact with eyes (because soap in the eyes burns dummy!)