Brand Ambassador Program

In our opinion, Brand Ambassadors are different than social media Influencers.  Influencers want something for free while Brand Ambassadors are actual customers who incorporate the Widowmaker brand into their daily life.

Brand Ambassadors supply us with social media and website content and they promote our brand to potential new customers.

Brand Ambassadors are customers who give back and Brand Ambassadors are rewarded for doing so! 

 Tier 3 Ambassador 15% off all apparel

Tier 2 Ambassador 30% off all apparel

Tier 1 Ambassador 50% off all apparel

 Brand Ambassadors are expected to provide varying amounts of social media engagement and provide varying amounts of social media content to maintain a tier or go up in tiers.

If you are interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for Widowmaker Supply please email us at or direct message us on Instagram.